Sunday, September 21, 2008


Hey guys,

I often find that when i'm looking to use a book that boasts teaching perfect drawing principles, most often that not, its all about copying.

There's nothing wrong with copying and a great deal can be learned from it, but to really think on your feet and draw from a rich knowledge i believe in experience and constructive thinking.

We can draw preston till we're blue in the face ( or fingers, which ever comes first ), but i think we should also experiment with his lessons and recreate the principles instead of JUST following the basic drawings.

I have found some artists out there that really inspire me to think when i draw and among the many, Mike Mattesi' s books have really stood out.

I'm quite sure a handful of your at least has heard of his books on force drawing and even realised for yourselves just how much life drawing can improve your drawings ( yes Richard Williams, we read that chapter ).

So, here are what the book covers look like, there are two and i have yet to read the second one, but i'm about a chapter into the first and i thought it'd be cruel not to mention how awesome these books are.

Also as a special treat, i have a link and password to download them for free, so if you're interested please email me as i fear uploading this questionable content might infringe on the integrety of this great blog!

P.S: I was thinking of doing an article about some of my favourite artists and why they inspire me, but i think it'd be awesome if we all got into that and tapped into the awesome and different inspiration that made us all come together here...

Let me know what you think,



Caleb Bowen said...

I like the idea about posting the artists that inspire us. Maybe we could post them on our individual blogs and post a link here. I'm always looking for stuff I haven't seen.

We should do something cool for John K. He's the reason I'm working on construction and trying to improve.

Gabriele_Gabba said...

Hey those are great ideas caleb!

I'm gonna make a link to such influences soon! Keeping them on our individual blogs is smart thinking!

As far as the john K thing is concerned i think its a great idea! We should make a collage of characatures of him! With a due date for sometime later this year perhaps the end of October or something..

Wicks for Candlesticks said...

I think a generous Paypal donation on his blog would be the best way to say "thanks."

-David O.

Gabriele_Gabba said...

If i had a credit card i totally would! Anything to get toons on T.V!

patrick said...

great ideas, keep 'em comin'!

patrick said...

we could also all do caricatures of ourselves