Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nicolas Martinez with his lessons.

Hi everybody.
My name is Nicolas Martinez, and I'm new to this blog. 
I've been doing a couple Preston Blair lessons by myself and posting them on Deviantart. Just recently, Hammerson told me about this blog, and suggest that I join. Sure enough, I contacted David Omar, and here I am.
Here are my most recent lessons, along with a select bunch of older ones. I think a few look okay, but may need some work.

(note) I'm not sure how to make the pics full-size by clicking on them. 

My most recent drawing:

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Gabriele_Gabba said...

I would strongly suggest you upload bigger images so we can get a closer look, i think you may have uploaded ones that are actually that size?

From what i can see, these look really good! They aren't perfect, but your lines are clean and appealing. I think sharpening your pencil and twisting them as you draw will preserve their sharpness and also improve your already lovely line.