Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lesson 2 by Caleb

2nd attempt:
I drew this one bigger(about 6 inches) and checked as I went.

The eyebrow should be in a more relaxed position, and the teeth lines are off. I also made corners for the mouth, when it should have had a thick-lined upper lip hanging over.

Original post:


Wicks for Candlesticks said...

Hey Caleb,

Have you tried overlaying throughout your studies?

I used to do that (checking proportions in photoshop) just before posting, but now I do it throughout my studies. It saves me time and effort. I can find problems early and correct them before I draw them over and over.

Sorry about the small JPEG for lesson 2. I zoomed in a bit more for the lesson 3 post. You can always download and print the page from the ASIFA link we have. Steve put up hi-res scans of the book. That brings something up.

For future lessons we are sticking to the original version of the Preston book on the ASIFA page. The drawing are much nicer than the remake he did after the copyright crap. I'll make an announcement when we get closer to those lessons.


Caleb Bowen said...

Thanks for the tip, David. I was wondering how everyone else was going thru the process.

I've just been redrawing the whole thing after overlaying, but that doesn't feel right. Not how I would draft for a cartoon.

Either way, I'm learning a lot by actually drawing each lesson. It seems like only about a quarter of this group is actually posting...

patrick said...

looks like you have a good handle on the concept of details wrapping around the larger forms (Which I'm still working on). Work on striving for more accuracy in the shapes and sizes of those forms and you'll be wowing us all.

Caleb Bowen said...

Thanks, Patrick. I think it's great that we all have different strengths and weaknesses. It's amazing how much you can learn by just drawing an egg-shaped head.

patrick said...

BTW, outta curiosity, have you taken a stab at the Heckling Hare exercise from John's cartoon college? If not, it's the top link in our links section. You might be able to nail it pretty quickly. (there's a video guide too!!!)

patrick said...

great! It also looks like his nearest eye might be a little off perspective.

Gabriele_Gabba said...

Good comments here, lemme just say be careful of that cheek popping out there, its one solid line as tempting as it is, also i agree with the comments above, i have to say this is a VAST improvement. Keep it up man!

James said...

HUGE improvement!!