Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lesson 3 by Hammerson

Left: pencil sketch with construction
Center: cleaned-up pencil version (no inking)
Right: Comparison with PB original

So, again I'm showing the last two attempts. First one has an accurate egghead shape. Also, the eyebrows, nose and mouth are very close. All the other features are more or less in the wrong place or of wrong size (the eyes, teeth, upper cheek line, etc.)

The second attempt corrects nearly all of those mistakes, but also introduces a new one: the upper lip is too curved on the corners, and the shape doesn't match with the original. It should be drawn instead with just slight curves and a straight line. The perfect drawing would be a combination of both attempts, but that's cheating :)

I must work more on emphasising the "meaty" aspect of the character (I think it's still lacking in my attempts, to a certain degree).

UPDATE: I tried to ink my last attempt with Illustrator (few rough spots are corrected in Photoshop).


patrick said...


Caleb Bowen said...

looks great, you're very close on the line weight.

Wicks for Candlesticks said...


The meaty factor is tough to master, when trying to copy something precisely.

The inks are good, You have nice thick and thins on the oval. Just keep following Preston's brush strokes. Don't be afraid to go bolder on some strokes. I fight that everyday.