Friday, September 12, 2008

Lesson 3 By James


Some stuff is still off. Like the eyebrows, and some smaller minor details.

Attempt 1

Just gotta fix these.
  • The head is a little lopsided on the top left.
  • I forget that rule that Patrick mentioned about the cheeks.
  • The eyes are a little lopsided.
Anything else?


patrick said...

Hey - you're linework is getting better, keep practicing!

Looks like your horizontal center-line was a li'l off. And yeah, it can be hard getting those cheeks in the right spots, look for drafting patterns. Other than that it's almost spot-on! I bet if you do some more over the weekend you'll get it perfect.

James said...

Okay. It's probably gonna be a crappy weekend by me this weekend anyway. It's gonna rain all week, probably won't be doing much, maybe see a movie with friends, but other than that I'll have all the time this weekend to draw.

I'll do another one or two to try and get it perfect.

1. Look for patters.
2. Make sure everything is straight! it!

Wicks for Candlesticks said...

Great progress! Just keep analyzing your mistakes with overlays throughout your studies.