Monday, September 8, 2008

Lesson 2 by Gabe

Here is my final attempt. I'm still struggling with the placement of the elements of the face, but I think it's due to my center lines not following as close as Blair's.


Wicks for Candlesticks said...

Hey Gabe,

I agree with the thing about the guide lines. I actually traced a few times at the beginning of my studies and found out that the guide lines are bit off from Blair's final drawing. Anybody else come across this?

Overall you seem to have put things close to where they should be. If you just squash them down. Just work on the underlying skeleton and your next one should be fine.


patrick said...

Hey everyone,

Actually, I noticed last year when trying to draw the boxing rabbit and the duck, that the guidelines aren't the actual ones he used for the finished drawings!

I would make sure my guidelines matched his and continue on, only to notice that by the time I got to the details everything was floating around chaotically. I decided to just use the finished drawing as the reference. Which is probably what he intended.

Even the angles are off sometimes. It seems he just drew them all side-by-side.

patrick said...

Gabe, yeah, just tighten everything in a little bit and you'll be a lot closer to nailing it.

I tend to go big often as well. It probably comes from a lifetime of drawing robots, aliens and G.I. Joe soldiers with my friends!

Try lightly sketching it out with a pencil first. double-checking all the measurements along the way.

Gabriele_Gabba said...

Yes, i did come across this Wicks, the guides on the final drawing are off compared to the original construction, i hate it when books and artists do that, but its more realistic in that you will always correct something in the final drawing after your initial rough.

Good job on the appeal of your drawing Gabe, its very natural, i think you just need to break up the initial drawing a bit more and really look at it as shapes and neg space. If you're already doing that, then its a practise thing i think.

And yes, i'm obsessed with neg. shapes :P

Caleb Bowen said...

Nice work, Gabe. Like with my lesson 2, it's hard to match up the face if the oval is even slightly off. I'm going to try it the way Wicks mentioned, and do more overlay checks as I go.