Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lesson 9 by Patrick

The angle adds some trickiness to this lesson. I took me a few tries to get a handle on it. I had the most trouble with the egg shape itself and the eyebrow.

It seems like the nose should protrude, but I guess Preston knows best!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Lesson 8 by Patrick

Seems like the hardest is over with the egg lessons. This one was pretty fun & easy

in the ink I think I made the nearer eyebrow too big, and the cheek-lines too thin. And the top of the head is too flat.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lesson 7 by Patrick

This one was harder than it looked too, but lots of fun. His upper lip curves down rather than up in this lesson. I made the pupils and the nose too big, and his lower lip is all over the place. I tried correcting it all in the inking.

This was the 4th attempt, here are 2 & 3

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008


Hi everyone,

I gotta say that I love this blog. Its great to know that other artists are going through all the same things I'm going through with these lessons. I'm learning so much about my strengths and weaknesses. It's really giving me encouragement to keep on learning and drawing.

I wanted to talk about James' blog "The Unofficial Bible of Cartooning."

I think it's a great idea to have a sounding board where we can debate or spark new theories. My goal with this blog was to try to recreate the studio experience online. There is so much that artists learn from being around each other and just talking shop. I've been reading a swell book by Will Eisner titled SHOP TALK. In it he talks to many great artists of yesteryear. They talk about how important the studio environment was to their growth as artists. They became great because they payed attention to each others techniques and talked about their craft.

I think of this blog as the hard work and James' as the happy hour after work. A place where you can just shoot the shit about cartoons and what makes them tick. So everyone take advantage of these blogs and all the other blogs out there. The internet has just become the largest cartoonist studio. We don't know how long any of this will last, so make the most of it.

Your friend,

LESSON 6 by WICKS (David Omar)

I'm happier with this lesson. The angle (tilt) is subtle. It's also a front view which is much easier to measure. Sometimes I have trouble following my instincts. In the intial red pencils I made the top of the head longer. In the blue I brought it down, which was wrong. This tells me that my eyes still aren't seeing the proper negative space between the shapes.

I'm happier with my inks. I'm trying to mimic Preston's brush as close as possible. The reproduction of the book kinda makes it look like he doesn't close his ink lines. He's a pro at connecting 2 brush strokes seamlessly . Definitely need to practice some more.

Critiques and tips welcomed and appreciated.

-David Omar

LESSON 5 by WICKS (David Omar)

I'm falling a bit behind, but I'm still with you all. Still having trouble with angles. My brain keeps telling me to not push the angles, only to see that I should have gone a bit further. It's alright, I'm still having a hard time getting the head shape to look solid on the inks. I think it will get better if I just practice.

Critiques and tips welcomed and appreciated.

-David Omar

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lesson 6 Patrick

This one was pretty fun. I seemed to grasp it pretty quickly, this is my 3rd attempt. I could still work on the perspective a bit.

Long time no post!

Hi Gang!

I have been battling the demons at Verizon Online, and only this Friday will I have internet at my house.

This weekend I will be drawing and posting the lessons I've managed to keep up with. You all have made me very intimidated by all the good work you've been doing.


Why no posts?

I hope you all are gentle with me, and in the mean time, Spodgeed!

- trevor.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lesson 5 by Nicolas (concluded)

A continuation of my Lesson 5 attempts, I finally got as accurate as possible. Through all my previous lessons (not to be confused with attempts), I drew all the eggheads tiny just to save space on the paper. I then decided to draw larger, to see what happens. I'm quite proud of it, because you can physically capture the tiny subtleties in the egghead, and prepare you for any future larger scale drawings. 

My Original


All my previous attempts.

Critiques/tips welcome.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Lesson 5 by Nicolas (so far)

Hi folks. These are what I've whipped up for lesson 5. I know they're not perfect, but I'm gonna do more soon. Critiques welcome.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lesson 5 by Caleb

I did some Halloween inspired draws. Here's lesson 5:


Lesson 4 by Nicolas

Hi folks. 
Here's my shot at lesson 4. 
For me, it was tricky getting the perspective on the face right. It took me a few tries. Critiques
are welcome.

(Original drawing)


All 4 attempts.

Warm up

Hey fellas,

does anyone here have LinkedIn? I'm on there, and it's a great place to network. So if you are on there, I would like to add you.

Friday, October 3, 2008

lesson 5 patrick

UPDATE: latest lesson 5 with inking.
I noticed his eyes aren't as crossed in this lesson. And I find Blair's approach to the far cheek in this one very interesting, I wonder if there's a science when it comes to "cheating" like that? What do you guys think?

(1st post)
Here is my lesson 5. I'm gonna do some more tomorrow

Lesson 6 by Jeremy

Hey everybody. Just wanted to post my latest Lesson 6. Still a little off on the smile on this one. Plus the outside oval is a little wonky. It's amazing what fails to jump out at you until you scan it into the computer (Wicks commented on that and I definitely agree). In any case, I wanted to go ahead and post what I had. Feedback is always appreciated.