Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lesson 1 by Hammerson

Hi all, and sorry for being late with Lesson 1. I joined only six days ago (thanks David!) and I'm following all the activities here with great interest.

So, let's get started...
First, I made few quick sketches, without greatest accuracy and precision, just to get familiar with all the shapes and elements of the picture. The first two "serious" attempts were not very successful, and I finally got closer to the original with the attempt no.3

The comparison with original is on the right side. The main egg shape comes pretty close, except at the top. The eyes and mouth are the most problematic areas here - they're way off the mark. The smile should be much wider, and the position of the upper lip is wrong. Those same mistakes were also apparent in the first two attempts, so I really put some effort to make it right the next time. This is the result:

Much better. I'm quite satisfied with this, though there are still some problems and subtleties that need to be corrected next time. Here's the inked version on the left side, and Preston Blair original on the right.

It's a quick ink job with markers. I will later try to ink it with Illustrator (could be tricky because of the egg shape, and the variable line thickness).


Gabriele_Gabba said...

Hey awesome first post man, great to have you aboard the train to the future of REAL cartoons!

I'm so glad to see you're using a box system, its working well for you.

Here are a couple things i think need tweaking on the final:

Watch the inks especially for thick and thins. The eyebrows are a bit skinny, the nose ought to be a bit smaller, perhaps look at its proximity to the pupils -check Patrick's triagle/oval system below its really interesting!

Otherwise super job, can't wait to see your lesson 2!

patrick said...

Hey Hammerson, it's nice to have you aboard! Your egg-guy is lookin' good. Yeah, just follow Blair's line thickness, and fine-tune the subtleties and it'll be perfect.

Wicks for Candlesticks said...

Really great step by step. I can tell you really put a lot of effort into correcting your mistakes. It's close to perfect.

One of my biggest problems is floating shapes. Hopefully with constant practice our eyes will recognize placement quicker.


Caleb Bowen said...

Great corrections, Hammerson. Your final outline of the oval is very close to Preston's.

The left pupil should follow the form of the overall eye a little more. I just noticed how Preston's upper lip has a subtle thick line, making it appear to be in front of the lower lip line.

Hammerson said...

Many thanks to all of you for the great suggestions. I will make an improved attempt at lesson 1 in few days.