Sunday, September 7, 2008

Advanced lessons

Hi group!
Anyone here interested in more advanced lessons, like full characters from Blair's books?



Gabriele_Gabba said...

Mmm this sounds awesome, i just want to nail full body construction first. Mine isn't quite were i wish it was.

patrick said...

I'm with GG. I really wanna tackle the lessons on these 1st couple pages first, but then let's go!

Wicks for Candlesticks said...

Preston set up the book like building blocks. Every page gives you a new skill to use on the next lesson. Some here are more advanced than others. That's fine, but I want everyone to have a chance to learn and get better. If we start getting advanced we will leave people behind. I like us all learning the same things from the beginning. If you want to try out advanced lessons you can link to your blog on the comments and we'll be glad to check out your progress.


Jake the Animator said...

Fair enough.
Catch my Blair lessons, from page 1 onward, at: