Thursday, August 21, 2008


Hello everyone,

Should we go public ?  There's the benefit of teaching more cartoonists by example.  We could still keep limited membership to keep a tight network.  

Should we keep comments enabled for members only?  The plus side is that we know who is commenting.  The downside is if a pro wants to chime in  with valuable advice, they won't be able to.

Please, everyone comment with a vote and any other positives or negatives I'm overlooking.

-David Omar


James said...

I'd say keep it private. It'd be more comfortable with just the few people who are here, we can help each other, without worrying about who might see our drawings.

Caleb Bowen said...

I say keep it private for now, at least until we have info that's useful to others. If we do go public we can always moderate comments instead of blocking them.

trevor said...

PRIVATE!!! That'll generate interest.

- trevor.

Jeremy Brooks said...

I like the idea of going public but with limited membership. I would hate to pass up the opportunity to get professional critiques. Just a thought but ultimately I'm cool with either decision.

Gabe Fullilove said...

I'd vote for private initially. I think that would help focus our work and comments.