Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lesson 1 by Gabe

Here is my first attempt. I checked the drawings in photoshop and the only one that came out close is the front face of the squirrel/chimpmunk. I have a lot of work to do to get the correct proportions.


James said...

The egg shape of the head. It needs to look more natural. The right eyebrow needs to be closer to the original shape too. I'd do those first and see what else. Ohh yeah David only wants us doing one drawing at a time until we perfect it. The mickey and the Disney Squirrel will be on one of the next lessons.

trevor said...

Hey Gabe,

James is right, and I would add the following critiques.

When you do the final outline, how fast do you go? It's not a race, and I think you'd be better if you slowed down. I say that because looking at your initial drawing ( the blue ), those proportions look very careful, and then it looks like you rushed through the outline.

Also, are you measuring the proportions with your pencil? Take the pencil, measure the distance from one point to another on the original, and then match it up from the distance to the same points on your drawing. If it's wrong, erase it... if it's right , move on.

Yr. buddy,

- trevor.

Wicks for Candlesticks said...

Hi Gabe,

I agree with both comments above. Your blue lines look good. you have to practice the hand movements for getting nice curvy lines. Practice making the egg shape in large swoops, over and over again, and it will improve the pencils you lay on the blue guide lines.

Also focus on one figure at a time. We are all taking it slow. Once you understand the egghead you'll be able to draw the rest of the characters with betteraccuracy.

Keep it up,

David O.