Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Head Constructions by Jim Grue

I wanted to give the head construction a shot. I got to say, it's REALLY hard to copy something exactly, but you have to at least try. One of the things I taught myself is do not press hard on your pencil when you draw. You just end up destroying the piece. Don't go too fast or slow, and make sure the lines flow. Here are my practices. original on the left, mine on the right.

My first one. I'm not to proud of it. The head is not at an angle and his nose does not curve up.

I thought this one was ok. I think I made the eyes too big, plus the head does not curve enough in the back.

Head is not tilted enough. Beak isn't wide enough.

I think this one came out ok too. Although his face looks like it's being pulled forward.

Well, there you have it. I'm not going to be hard on myself and I'm not going to reevaluate myself as an cartoonist/animator, but this lesson has taught my to pay better attention to detail. Next time, line of action!


Caleb Bowen said...

Other than the parts you already mentioned, your characters are solid looking on their own. Good tips for drawing lines as well.

Check the post that's named Lesson 1: head front. We want to start slow and focus on improving, whatever our current skill level is. For now it's just the head front- as easy and as difficult as it is. Inking and caricatures are cool when you have a sketch you're happy with. Cheers!

Jim Grue said...

thanks for the kind words! I'll be sure to do the front head next.

Wicks for Candlesticks said...

Hey Jim,

It seems you have a good grasp on capturing the spirit of the characters with your shapes and lines. I think everyone, me included, just need to work on capturing the picture as close as possible.

Also don't push yourself trying to figure out all the characters. By doing one at a time you'll be able to handle future character's proportions accurately.