Friday, March 13, 2009

Lesson 33

Steps one and two. So far, so good. Simple shapes.

Step 3. Basic Shapes with some depth.

Step 4. Details

Overlay it for comparison.

I don't think it turned out terrible. Some things are off, but I just wish I got the eye's closer to the original, and the hair. The mouth I thought turned out terrible, but it was a lot closer than I thought.


James said...

the eyes seem way off.

patrick said...

the 3-dimensionality is pretty good

Mitch L said...

The comparison is quite good. But there are allot subtle things that don't match the original. Like his lips. It's not just round.

James said...

I sent the to john k. a while back. He pretty much told me it was solid, which he liked, and that I should just do more of these studies. He also said something like how the little details seem easier to fall into place after a while. I did do a bunch of things from the blair book, and older cartoons since the blog kinda died out, should I try to dig 'em up, or just post newer studies?