Thursday, March 31, 2011

Any comic makers?

Anybody on here making comics? I'm looking to start up a webcomic site with 2 or more other cartoonists (ala Dumm Comics). We would each have a day of the week where we'd publish a new comic. Anything from one-panel to full-page. As long as you can meet your deadline fairly consistently. Any skill level is fine, too. Though improvement and evolution would be encouraged, basically that's what it would be all about for us.

Let me know if you're interested, and/or if you have other ideas. Thanks!

Also, if you have time, I'm interested in hearing some critiques on my comics. I know I have a lot of improvement to make in technical things like proportion and construction, but what do you guys think as far as potential, humorousness, is it even remotely interesting? etc. Be honest, I have thick steel skin, just wanna improve things.
Here is a link:
There should be 2 pages, click 'older posts' to see more.

Thanks everyone! Keep drawing!

Krazy Kat by George Herriman


patrick sevc said...

Anybody still on here?

Call for comic artists, please read.

David Omar said...


I wish I had the time to draw a comic on my own. At this point I can only collaborate if you need help with inking or something. Let me know!