Friday, December 4, 2009

Another Kaspar

Well, instead of correcting the pose i did yesterday, i played Mario. Then today i did this one:

 I think it's getting there - it certainly came a lot quicker than the last one... I didn't figure out the subtle thumb on the right hand until i was cleaning it up so it's kinda weak & limp. I payed attention to all the neg. spaces, but perhaps they're all on the small side?


patrick sevc said...

yeah, it seems like that thumb would be tricky to get just right.

The pose looks really good on this. I'd say maybe push the eyes and pupils further to show his menacing excitement. and maintain the funny slope in the backside of his head.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i like the sloping gives that nice opposing direction to the curve of the back. You're right - i should put it back in.


John said...

Your layouts are great Mr Paal - real clean and solid, and the thick/thin lines are lovely!

Keep up the good work man.