Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lesson 8 by Caleb

Here's my lesson 8:

and here's the overly where I circled some of the spots that were off:


Nicolas Martinez said...

Looks very good.

James said...

I'd say use thicker smoother lines, like look at Jim Smiths pencil drawings. But the guts are all there, and it looks good.

patrick said...

Yeah, use more line-thickness variance. Especially in the lips where one side of the mouth is much closer to the viewer than the other. And the eyes too. Show us the depth.

I see you too like to take the liberty of uncrowding the drawings like me. In this original the mouth is right up against the outline of the head, and you opened up that space much more. While it makes the face easier to read, just be careful. I think you ended up making the mouth point in a slightly different direction than the eyes.The lower lip should protrude. Just a nit-pick.

Caleb said...

Thanks guys. If anyone has any tips on smoother pencil lines, let me know. I used slicker paper on this one instead of heavy sketch paper.