Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lesson 11

Here's my mediocre attempt at Lessons 11. I see a lot of what I did wrong right away. Like the hair and the hat(the hat's horrible), and some other stuff is still off a bit like 'stache and mouth.
The hat sucks so bad... so terribly bad.


Gabriele_Gabba said...

I think there are some contruction problems here, i'd suggest making the original more opaque and then printing it out and drawing some construction over it with a defined line for the centre of the face and go from there.

Also keep looking at your negative shapes - the white outside the whole figure and try draw that first and then put the details in later, you'll suprise yourself.

Of course this is all just copying and i think you should go the contruction way because even if you get it wrong you'll still be learning about perspective and the weight of features and proportions.

Good luck, hope this helped :)

patrick said...

you got the main idea. The best part is I can totally tell you drew it James. He's got your patented eyes.

Caleb said...

Nice job, James. Don't forget about construction. Make a head egg as a reference, check it's size and you won't have to redraw that part again. Then the face features will always have a solid base to attach to.