Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lesson 33? Maybe....

Ok, I actually joined this blog like... A Year ago?

Well... Today is the first day that I actually use it. I just got a scanner this week and although it's really terrible for blue col-erase pencils, it functions(fingers crossed on getting an EPSON soon).

I'm going to start with the dog on the second page, I'm not exactly sure what lesson that would be... Lesson 33?

Don't worry, I did all of the previous lessons. I just want to re-draw them before i post them, So I will probably work backward from here (if that's ok with everyone?).

Also- Since I'm new to this blog, I don't know if I followed correct procedure? (Hell I'm not sure if i was even supposed to post this) If i didn't please tell me and I will edit this post.


James said...

Good copy. Nice solid construction. Looks like you really understood it. Was this your first copy of it?

The bottom lip need some adjusting, and the pupils are a bit large but, nice altogether.

Thunderrobot said...

Thanks, and yes this was my first copy. Oddly enough I made a second copy, but it was even more off than the first one. lol

I guess i will draw a third copy....

Caleb said...

Looks good. It might be off a little from the Preston, but it still looks pretty solid on its own.

patrick said...

not bad, the construction seems fairly solid. And you did a much better job on the collar than I would have.

My 2nd try ends up being worse than my 1st the majority of the time, weird huh? I always recommend drawing something at least 3-5 times.

Looking forward to seeing more. Doing overlays in Photoshop will help you (&others) critique your work more accurately.